Southern Rights in Flinders Bay

Augusta Whale Watching – Southern Rights Move In

23. Jul

The Humpback Whales have been a bit quieter in Flinders Bay, Augusta, this week but the interaction we have had with Southern Right Whales has been amazing.

Southern Rights are much larger than Humpbacks with males growing to 55,000kg and females to as much as 95,000kn – that’s right: 95 Tonnes!

They tend to sit in the water like big logs but as shown in the footage here, are quite happy to check us out from time to time.  We have even been lucky enough to see them breaching on the odd occasion on our daily Augusta whale watching tours.

Southern Rights have many skin callosites on their head and jaw that look like big barnacles but are actually tufts of hair.  They don’t have a dorsal fin and their spout is a v-shape that comes from their two blowholes.

Breeding every three years, the Southern Right whales are in Flinders Bay, Augusta, to mate and give birth with a gestation period of around 12 months.

Augusta Whale Watching – Southern Rights Gallery

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