Deep Sea Fishing – With the Legends

16. Feb


On a beautiful Friday morning 11 fishermen and woman met at the Pro Fishermans boat ramp, Quindalup, all ready, keen and eager to see what the day would bring them.

After the days prep was complete on board our conquest vessel Dhu Force crew members Luke and Kyle took the tender to shore to great our passengers, whilst deckie Mark had the important job of staying on board and making sure the bacon and eggs were cooked just right.

After the passengers were welcomed on board they were shown where the tea coffee and drinks were, and well no need to show them where the food was, I’m sure that was sniffed out before stepping a foot on board, after a quick safety briefing we set off.

We arrived at the first lump, Skipper Luke called out to drop the lines, it was quiet, no bites, you could feel the anticipation… come on fish where are you.


We tried another spot, still quiet, a bad fishing day perhaps?

A few hours in to the day, no fish as yet, we traveled out a bit further, the call was made again to drop the lines in, and boom all of a sudden the action started to happen, it started up the front, a nannygai was on the hook, a vibe of excitement started to appear, another line another nannygai, and then a big pull, this was a serious fish, the crew rushed to aid our fisherman as he wound his line in battling with a Dhui, what a cracker of a fish, just under 20kgs in size, this was worth the wait!


As we battled on with the Dhui the line further down had some action happening also, this time a beautiful Queen Blue Snapper, the colouring in this fish was simply amazing, and I imagine it created a beautiful meal at the end of the day.

After that action it was time for lunch, some cold roast chooks, salads and buns then straight back into it.

A few more fish were picked up throughout the charter and a couple of personal goals were achieved for some. Whilst this was classed a quiet day for Legend Charters a lot of fun was had, everyone left with some fish and there was smiles all round, ultimately a good day on the water in the beautiful South West of WA.    


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