Meet “George” – a very friendly Southern Right Whale

10. Aug

We have been having an amazing encounter with a huge Southern Right Whale almost  daily this past week.  We spotted him breaching in the distance last Saturday and headed over to check him out.  We got some fabulous breach shots and then he decided to come over and say hello.  At one stage Doug thought he might actually touch the boat (which hasn’t happened before) but whales are so agile, he pulled away at the last minute.  We also managed to get some underwater footage as he passed under us at one stage and you can clearly see the distinctive diagonal scar on his back.   There are thought to be 12,000 Right Whales in the world, 1,500 in Australia.  They are mostly located in South Africa and Argentina.  In August many come into Flinders Bay close to the beach to nuture their calves.  George is just wandering around looking for entertainment!

See him for yourself in the video below:



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