White southern right whale

Pearl – another newborn white calf in Flinders Bay

1. Aug

For the past couple of weeks we have had a little secret – there is another white newborn Southern Right Whale in the Bay.  We have chosen not to publicise her widely as she and her mother need time to settle into their temporary nursery – in the breakers along the beach in Flinders Bay, Augusta.  While we can only reach the spot where they are resting in certain conditions, we will try to show her off as often as possible – everyone is thrilled by this special little calf!  This isn’t the best quality video, we will post better footage as the season progresses.



20% of Southern Right Whales are born white and they darken as they mature.  You may remember little Cookies & Cream from 2 seasons ago:


We also saw a mostly white newborn Humpback that year:

Newborn White Humpback Whale - Albino

Newborn Humpback Whale Flinders

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