Whales In Geographe Bay

The whales are in Geographe Bay!

29. Aug

There is a definite attitude change in the Humpbacks in Geographe Bay. They have finished all of the important business up north (mating and birthing) and are stopping in for a rest on their way home to Antarctica.

These images show some of the great times had with Legend Charters on the boat in the last week.

The Humpbacks are heading over to us when we pull up, keen to check out the boat and the people on it. We have had them brusing the bottom of the boat with their tails this week as well as spyhopping (sticking their heads out of the water to look at us), mugging us (circling close to the boat repeatedly) and breaching close to the boat (usually when playing with the big schools of dolphins that are out there).

We also saw three Southern Right Whales yesterday – one breaching.

It has been an amazing week and the season from Busselton has only just begun. Our friends in Jurien (G’day Captain Blommy) have advised us the Humpbacks are heading on past them on their way South in droves.

We are in for another amazing season!


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