Another week in Paradise!

8. Nov

We have had another very special week in Geographe Bay, Busselton with both Humpback and Blue Whales being on show.  We also see both Bottlenose and Common Dolphins on most of our tours – in fact one pod of 6 Bottlenose Dolphins has taken up residence at Port Geographe Marina this month.  On some tours the show has begun before we have even started up the boat!

When we do come across Dolphins on our tours, they often like to play in our bow wave as we drive away.  The best vantage point is on the bow of the boat as you can lean over and see them rolling from side to side as they look up at us.  They can’t see us from a horizontal position due to the positioning of their eyes.  They will sometimes stay with us for a couple of minutes as we drive along.

We have also experienced some up close and personal action from the Humpbacks this week.  By law we are not allowed to approach closer than 100 metres but 9 times out of 10 curious Humpback Whales will approach us.  They seem to like the sound of our motor.  We were “mugged” by groups of Humpback Whales on 6 of our tours this week.  Mugging is when the whales circle around an under the boat – often within a couple of metres (or closer).  It is a lovely experience eyeballing these intelligent creatures.  You are certainly left knowing that they are interacting with you, it is not a chance encounter.

We have also seen 2 pods of Blue Whales this week – both times only 2km from the Busselton Jetty.  They seem to like this spot.  According to Dean, they travel down until they hit a certain contour line (depth) and then turn across the Bay.  Looking at an 80ft whale tends to leave everyone awestruck.

We have also sighted Cormorants, Flying Fish and Albatross on many of our tours.   For those of you who have never seen a flying fish before:


Click on the thumnails below to open a gallery of our last week:



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