Amaxing whale watching Augusta Margaret River

Whale Watching Augusta Season 2016

2. Jun
Amaxing whale watching Augusta Margaret River

The best whale watching in Augusta – Margaret River

Whale watching season 2016

The 2016 season has started in ernest with the northern migration of Humpback Whales being witnessed in Flinders Bay from mid-May.  We have had Humpbacks playing in the seaweed, breaching next to the boat, rolling around and under us, delighting everyone on board.  Our open deck system means great viewing – room on the rail for everyone.

Many of the females heading through will be pregnant and we will see many an argument among packs of males as they vie for the right to escort her up the coast.  It is intense.  No winter visit to the Margaret River Region is complete without a trip out whale watching in Flinders Bay, Augusta.

The Augusta Whale Watching Season runs through June, July and August.  In September we move up to Geographe Bay to see the Southern migration of the Humpbacks back down the coast to the feeding grounds – last stop, Busselton!

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