Whale Watching at the Busselton Jetty

Our tours have officially kicked off in Busselton and we must admit it just gets better and better as each season goes by, there are whales everywhere!

Prior to the season starting Skipper Paul and Deckie Kyle worked hard to ensure that our vessel Dhu Force was fully serviced, shiny and clean, and boy did they do a great job! Our 60 F

T conquest vessel is running like a dream, safety is a top priority for us so you can relax in knowing that you are in safe hands when stepping on board our vessels.

Back to the whales… Humpbacks, Southern Rights, even a Minke has been sighted since beginning on the 1st September, not to mention several dolphins, pelagic birds and a seal or 2!

The interactions have been unreal, breaching whales close by, mega tail slapping, (hearing a whale slap its tail on top of the water is so awesome, its like a belly slam x1000) spy hopping, mugging our vessel (a bit like trying to give us a hug) even mating has been sighted!

Some wicked Tripadvisor reviews have been coming in, with headlines including, World class attraction that’s almost a well kept secretBest morning ever!, and Best Whale watching ever, we could do our best to try and convince you that we are terrific at what we do, but thanks to these awesome people leaving us reviews it just makes our job that bit easier, and much more satisfying!

We anticipate to operate at 10am and 1.30pm daily from the Busselton Jetty, if joining us for a tour please call and confirm the departure location, as sometimes we need to depart from the Port Geographe Marina if wind conditions do not allow for a Busselton Jetty departure.

Will just throw it out there that we are the most affordable family friendly whale watching tour operator in the region, we have a partner ship with the Equinox bar and restaurant located at the Busselton Jetty foreshore, join us for a tour and receive 20% off lunch or dinner there, they are totally worth a visit and have some of the best dining views in the region!

We have top notch quality service on board our vessel, if you find yourself feeling glum then I highly recommend you join us for a tour, you will leave with sore cheek bones from laughing so much, you will find out all sorts of random facts, the scenery is simply amazing and of course the whales that we 100% guarantee that you will see are just simply amazing and o so worth every penny!