Augusta Whale Watching 2021

The Margaret River Region, Western Australia

May – August

We are fast approaching that time of the year again, where Flinders Bay, Augusta becomes a safe haven and a resting point for thousands of whales who have travelled a phenomenal distance. Leaving the feeding grounds from Antarctica more than 35,000 whales are making their incredible journey north to the warmer waters, along the way they will stop in calm bays like King George Sound, Albany as well as Flinders Bay, Augusta for that much needed break from the open waters. This provides us and many other operators along the West Australian coast line with an amazing opportunity to provide Whale Watching tours in close proximity to land, operating from beautiful bays.

Legend Charters is proud to partner with our legendary sister company Naturaliste Charters to be able to offer Augusta Whale Watching tours for the upcoming 2021 season.
Be apart of one natures best offerings and witness the mighty and graceful Humpback and Southern Right Whales as they rest and play in Flinders Bay.
Naturaliste Charters offer 2-2.5 hour family friendly whale watching experiences on board their luxury 20M Catamaran – Alison Maree.
Augusta Whale Watching Tours depart 10am and 2pm daily from May – August with the first departure of the season being the 8th May.
There has been numerous reports come through that whales are already being sighted in Flinders Bay, Augusta, we too have already been seeing them along the coast line so we are confident that there will be an amazing start to the season.

Below are some great reasons as to why you should join us for a tour:

  • Naturaliste Charters have been operating Whale Watching in the South West since 1993, they are proud to be the original Whale Watching operators in the Margaret River and South West region.
  • Flexible timings with 10am & 2pm departures daily (Weather and minimum passenger numbers permitting)
  • With a 99% success sighting rate we guarantee you will see whales or you can join us again for free.. That’s right, if you don’t see whales you can come back for FREE!!
  • Be inspired with a full commentary from our professional crew, you will learn some fun facts about the region and the whales!
  • Relax in ultimate comfort on board the modern 20M Catamaran Alison Maree ensuring spectacular views from one of the multiple viewing decks or heated cabins. There are modern toilet facilities available and you can say G’day to the Skipper in the Wheelhouse, he is very friendly and always up for a chat.
  • Naturaliste Charters are Eco Tourism certified and apart of Tourism Australia’s Signature Experiences collection
  • Enjoy a light morning of afternoon tea of Tea, Coffee, Milo, Filtered Water and biscuits

Where is Augusta?

Augusta is apart of the breathtaking Margaret River Region, an area known for it’s natural beauty, delicious produce, beautiful wildlife and award winning wines. Augusta is based at the southern end of the Margaret River Region and is approximately a 3.5 hour drive South of Perth, or a 40 minute drive from Margaret River itself.

Where do tours depart from?

Our Augusta Whale Watching tours depart from the state-of-the-art Augusta Boat Harbour. This modern boat Harbour is a real draw card for the town which boasts great facilities, including commercial and recreational boating pens, toilets and free of charge parking. You can find the Augusta Boat Harbour on Leeuwin Road, Augusta, just a 5 minute drive from the Augusta town centre.

What does an Augusta Whale Watching Tour cost?

Adults: $90

Seniors (65+): $80

Children (3-14): $50

Infants (0-2): FOC

Family Pass (2A & 2C) : $250

How can I book?

You can book direct through our website here.

Whale Watching at the Busselton Jetty

Our tours have officially kicked off in Busselton and we must admit it just gets better and better as each season goes by, there are whales everywhere!

Prior to the season starting Skipper Paul and Deckie Kyle worked hard to ensure that our vessel Dhu Force was fully serviced, shiny and clean, and boy did they do a great job! Our 60 F

T conquest vessel is running like a dream, safety is a top priority for us so you can relax in knowing that you are in safe hands when stepping on board our vessels.

Back to the whales… Humpbacks, Southern Rights, even a Minke has been sighted since beginning on the 1st September, not to mention several dolphins, pelagic birds and a seal or 2!

The interactions have been unreal, breaching whales close by, mega tail slapping, (hearing a whale slap its tail on top of the water is so awesome, its like a belly slam x1000) spy hopping, mugging our vessel (a bit like trying to give us a hug) even mating has been sighted!

Some wicked Tripadvisor reviews have been coming in, with headlines including, World class attraction that’s almost a well kept secretBest morning ever!, and Best Whale watching ever, we could do our best to try and convince you that we are terrific at what we do, but thanks to these awesome people leaving us reviews it just makes our job that bit easier, and much more satisfying!

We anticipate to operate at 10am and 1.30pm daily from the Busselton Jetty, if joining us for a tour please call and confirm the departure location, as sometimes we need to depart from the Port Geographe Marina if wind conditions do not allow for a Busselton Jetty departure.

Will just throw it out there that we are the most affordable family friendly whale watching tour operator in the region, we have a partner ship with the Equinox bar and restaurant located at the Busselton Jetty foreshore, join us for a tour and receive 20% off lunch or dinner there, they are totally worth a visit and have some of the best dining views in the region!

We have top notch quality service on board our vessel, if you find yourself feeling glum then I highly recommend you join us for a tour, you will leave with sore cheek bones from laughing so much, you will find out all sorts of random facts, the scenery is simply amazing and of course the whales that we 100% guarantee that you will see are just simply amazing and o so worth every penny!

Incredible Close Whale Encounter

Incredible Close Whale Encounter

Due to rules and guidelines vessels are not allowed to approach whales within a certain distance, this is for their safety and comfort. So when we get treated with close whale interactions it just makes it even more special knowing that they chose to come and check us out, do you have any fond whale memories, would love to hear about them ?

Whale Watching Augusta July 24 2018

Whale Watching Augusta – Tuesday 24th July 2018

As we cruised out this morning a competition pod was sighted immediately as we left the marina. Some good action between competing males, pec slapping and tail slapping, creating quite a stir in the water. We came across two more pods during the tour, and a lovely Southern Right whale and calf just off the beach.

Naturaliste Charters

 by crew member Mark Jackman

Whale Watching Augusta – Friday 13th July

You know you’ve had a fantastic day when your able to see 3 different species of cetaceans on one tour! Just this morning we saw over 20 Humpbacks, 3 Southern Rights (including a mother and a calf) as well as a pod of dolphins! The dolphins didn’t want to leave the whales alone weaving in and out of the first pod of spotted Humpbacks stealing our attention between each surface!

The sheer amount of blows lit up the bay leading us to our first competition pod for the day instantly. The group of 6 appeared to be charging through the bay surging from the east and creating their own bow waves by displacing 45 tonnes of water with each stroke. The pod of dolphins then appeared beside the whales ducking in and out of the narrow gaps between them.

The Southern Right whales (SRW) were found tucked into the corner where mum and bub were resting before making their journey further up the bay to the more protected waters of the reef. SRW’s that calve in Flinders bay do so very close to the shoreline in the corner of the bay before travelling out and resting in the reef. They’ll remain beside the reef for the duration of the season occasionally venturing out deeper into the bay to slowly introduce the calf to the conditions of the open ocean. The SRW calf, approximately a week old now would have been lifted on its mothers back for the first few days of its life to I inflate its lungs and teach It to breath. Now breathing on its own the week old calf is full of energy and playfully interacting with its mother, rolling in the shallows and creating its own little splash!

Until tomorrow

Naturaliste Charters

? by Marine Biologist Bianca Uyen

Whale Watching Augusta - Tuesday 1 July 2018

Whale Watching Augusta – Sunday 1st July

We saw the shallowest travelling group of Humpbacks today in the morning tour exiting the marina and spotting the pod in the western nook of the bay. We headed over to them and followed behind as they made their way through the bay hugging the coastline, travelling in less than 5m of water. They were so close to shore that cars were stopping down the coastal Augusta drive towards the Cape Leeuwin lighthouse to get a photo! The competition pod of 6 narrowly avoided the marina turning towards us in the bay and slow passing our stern before they headed for the passage, our passengers just as shocked as the crew to see them so close to shore!

The afternoon topped it again hearing “Breaching whales!” called out by the skipper as we made our way out for the second tour of the day. The breaching duo was sighted on the horizon just over a mile from the harbour. They were close enough that we were able to motor out there and watch them breach at least 4 times up close. Throwing barrels in the air the whales used the momentum of their pec fins to perform 360-degree rolls in the air Impressing all those on board!!

Until tomorrow

Naturaliste Charters

? by Marine Biologist Bianca Uyen

Albany Whale Watching

The anticipation is building for our whale watching tours that are commencing from the Albany Water Front Marina from the 1st of June. Skipper Paul and Deckie Kyle made the journey yesterday from Augusta to Albany transferring our vessel Dhu Force. They arrived safely and Dhu Force is looking and running fantastic.

As the guys cruised into King George Sound they were stoked to see 6 Humpback Whales resting in the bay. The bay is also very protected making it the perfect location for our whale watching tours. Wildlife you will have the opportunity to encounter is Humpback whales, Southern Right Whales, Blue Whales, Seals, Dolphins, Pelagic Birds and more.

Tours with Legend Charters will depart twice daily at 10am and 2pm. The tours will go for approximately 2 hours. Whilst on board our Ocean Safari Guide will teach you about the history of the whales, the region and share some interesting facts about the whaling that only ended in Albany in 1978!

Another tour worth considering is Albany’s Wild Whale Tours, a full day trip that includes:

  • Whale watching on premium vessel with Ocean Guide
  • Entry + guided tour of Albany’s Historic Whaling Station
  • Entry to Torndirrup National Park, The Gap + Natural Bridge
  • Aussie Morning + afternoon tea, local fish & chip lunch

You can book online at

If you have any queries about any of our tours please don’t hesitate to contact one of our friendly team members on 0419 908 742.

Whale close to the vessel