Augusta Whale Watching 2021

The Margaret River Region, Western Australia May - August We are fast approaching that time of the year again, where Flinders Bay, Augusta becomes a safe haven and a re... read more

Incredible Close Whale Encounter

Due to rules and guidelines vessels are not allowed to approach whales within a certain distance, this is for their safety and comfort. So when we get treated with close whale interactio... read more

Whale Watching Augusta - Tuesday 24th July 2018

As we cruised out this morning a competition pod was sighted immediately as we left the marina. Some good action between competing males, pec slapping and tail slapping, creating quite a... read more

Whale Watching at the Busselton Jetty

Our tours have officially kicked off in Busselton and we must admit it just gets better and better as each season goes by, there are whales everywhere! Prior to the se... read more

Whale Watching Augusta - Friday 13th July

You know you've had a fantastic day when your able to see 3 different species of cetaceans on one tour! Just this morning we saw over 20 Humpbacks, 3 Southern Rights (including a mother... read more

Whale Watching Augusta - Sunday 1st July

We saw the shallowest travelling group of Humpbacks today in the morning tour exiting the marina and spotting the pod in the western nook of the bay. We headed over to them and followed ... read more